Follow Your Own Instincts!

December 15, 2014 (5:00 am)

“Pay No Attention to What the Critics Say. A Statue
Has Never Been Erected in Honor of a Critic!”
Jean Sibelius.

If you have a tendency to listen to what other people think or say and take action based on that, especially if it’s not positive action, now is the best time to make some changes.

Way too many people listen to the input of others and end up doing what that person says because they’re afraid not to. Often it turns out that their critique/judgment pulls you down and you end up with a negative outcome.

If you need support, especially in business, get a mentor, hire a coach or ask a really good friend to support you, whoever it is, only listen to people who are willing to be your cheer leader, someone who will make suggestions or brainstorm with you and, if you do happen to make a mistake, won’t judge you.

Trust yourself and your own instincts. The only way to truly be who you are is to let go
of fears and doubts and tap into your own inner brilliance.

‘Til Next Time
Have a great week
To Your Success and Brilliance


PS. Often the fastest and most powerful way to change the way you think is to use hypnosis.  If you are interested in hearing more about how this can be used to create the success you want in relationships, weight loss, success in business please email Hazel at info@yourstairwaytowealth.com

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